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Our Residential Estate

Homes for sale on our beautiful luxury lodge estate.

Our estate is in an enviable location, being close to local amenities and larger towns such as Witney (5 miles / 8 km) and the city of Oxford (13.5 miles / 21.7 km), not to mention all the Cotswolds has to offer!

Residents are welcome to become leisure club members – which allows full  use of our facilities at a reduced rate.

We have an extensive knowledge of lodge and park homes and can supply bespoke luxury accommodation. Any home we offer for sale is based on a turn key price meaning “just bring your suit case!”

We can supply new homes from any manufacturer if you would like to build a home to your exact specification (depending on plot availability). Lead times usually take 12-14 weeks.

Our lodge estate has all-year-round use. Please contact Reception for pricing, terms and conditions and park rules.

Please look at our sales listings to see what’s currently available for sale.

Please contact us regarding our 5 star private lodge development.


Coming Soon

We have availability for 10 new luxury lodges on the park, becoming ready over the summer (2019) months.

This will give you the opportunity to choose your own lodge from our suggested choices of Lodge makers.

We would site your choice of lodge for you and take care of any preparation work so that you can just move in. These lodges would come with their own parking spaces and beautiful views of the park and surrounding area.

For more information, please contact us at

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Lease Terms

Tenants obligations under the Ground Lease include but are not restricted to the following requirements:

  • To pay the annual ground rent and the insurance rent
  • To pay any rates or similar charges payable in respect of your home
  • To pay for water, electricity, gas and other services used at the home
  • To keep the home in its original position on the pitch
  • To keep the home in good condition, and to keep the demised area in a clean and tidy condition
  • To decorate the exterior of the home every three years
  • Not to make any alterations to the exterior or to the interior of the home (to the extent that interior works may affect the structure or stability of the home) without our consent
  • Not to place or erect any structures (which would include sheds, fences or boundary structures) or plant any trees, plants or other items on the land
  • To repair or reinstate the home if it is damaged or destroyed
  • To comply with the reasonable requirements of our insurers, and not to do anything which may void our insurance cover
  • To allow us to inspect the home and demised area on giving reasonable notice
  • Not to connect any services to the home other than those which we have supplied
  • Not to erect any aerial, dish or similar structure
  • To notify us of any communications you may receive from the Council or anyone else which affects the running of the Park
  • Not to sell the home or assign the lease, except as provided for in the lease
  • Not to allow anyone other than the named tenant and his/her spouse to occupy the home
  • To comply with the Park rules
  • To pay any costs incurred in relation to the preparation and service of a notice under s.146 of the Law of Property Act 1925

Residential Park Rules

The following rules apply throughout our residential park:

  • Not to bring any weapons or explosives onto the Park
  • Not to bring or keep any animals on to the Park except with our prior written approval (which may subsequently be revoked). No more than one dog or one cat per home is permitted, and dogs must be kept on a lead while on the Park
  • No washing may be hung out except in any drying area which we may provide
  • You and your guests must not do anything to cause a nuisance, and no musical instruments may be played between 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.
  • You must observe the Park speed limit of 5 mph
  • Not to cut down or damage any trees, shrubs or plants on the Park
  • Not to allow your home to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose or do anything which may breach the conditions of the site licence or any other rules or regulations
  • Not to erect any notice board or signs
  • Not to have any noxious or inflammable substances or materials in or around the home
  • Not to park anywhere other than in an approved parking space.