Need extra room for the kids to play…?

Large field for Children’s play activities…

The wardens have recently negotiated with a local landowner who owns a large field next to our site and he has graciously allowed the users of the site this year to access and use his field on a temporary basis.

This is brilliant news if you have children as we have extra room for them to tire them-selves out and play ball games without much chance of hitting a caravan/tent/motorhome.

The wardens have been busy cutting the grass and tidying the trees around the field – however, the condition we use the field is that neither the landowner nor Lincoln Farm park will accept responsibility for any injuries.

The field is on loan to us and has not been used for several years, it is to be expected that it may be a bit uneven. You might want to check it out before you let the children loose!

LFP team

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