We are in the process of making hedgehog boxes to place around the park…

We were made aware by some of our campers, that we had an injured hedgehog on site.

We rescued it, kept it overnight in a secure environment and gave it lots of TLC. The hedgehog had a swollen right leg, was struggling to get around but was eating and drinking well.

We took it to one of our local vets to get him checked over and get some antibiotics/painkillers for his leg. Unfortunately, it appeared that the swollen leg was the least of his worries – he had a badly dislocated left leg and elbow. So the kindest decision was to put him to sleep – not quite the outcome we were hoping for.

We did our best for our endangered prickly friend and are now in the process of making the odd hedgehog box to place around the park.

If you spot an injured hedgehog on the park or one out in the day time – then please let us know.

LFP team

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